How to Replace WordPress Search with Google Custom Search

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WordPress comes with built-in search feature. But it is not very useful and sometimes it fails to find the relevant results. That’s why many WordPress user want to replace WordPress search with Google custom search. In this article I’m going to share how to easily add Google Search in WordPress site.

Why should add Google Custom Search on WordPress

WordPress is a great platform in many ways. But its search feature is not good. WordPress default search is not powerful and it does not give relevant results to visitors.

Although there are so many search plugins available in the market. But Google custom search is the best in all of them and completely free. It adds a reliable and powerful search on your site.

When users search for anything on your site, only your site will appear in Google search results and users will find relevant results of the search.

So let’s see how to add Google custom search in WordPress

Adding a Google search to a WordPress site is not a difficult task, you can easily add it to your site by following this article.

First, install and activate the WP Google Search plugin on your site.

Once activated, click on Settings >> WP Google Search. This will take you to the plugin’s settings page. As you can see in the screenshot:

WP Google Search

Here it will ask you to enter a Google Search Engine ID. But do not worry, follow the steps below to get a search engine ID.

How to Get a Search Engine ID

To get a Google Search Engine id, visit Google Custom Search website and click on the “Create a custom search engine”.

After clicking, a new page will open. Here enter the URL of your WordPress site in the “Sites to search” field.

Next, select the language of the website. Then click on the “create” button.

Google Custom Search ID

Now, Google will create a custom search engine and you’ll see a notification that you’ve successfully created a search engine. Click on the “Control panel” button.

Google Custom Search ID

Now it will redirect you to the control panel. Click on “Search engine ID” button and copy your search engine ID.

Google Custom Search ID

You can also customize your Google search bar. Just click on “Look and Feel” option.

Once you’re done configuring the settings, click on the “Save” button.

Again login to your WordPress site and navigate to Settings >> WP Google Search section then paste your Google Search Engine ID that you copied from Google Custom Search website. Click on the “save changes” button.

Go to the Appearance >> Widgets page. Then drag and drop your WP Google Search (WGS) widget to the sidebar or anywhere and hit on Save button.

That’s it, you have successfully added Google search on your WordPress site. Visit your WordPress website to check it.

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