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Ever wondered what would happen if one could combine the amazing tech support and powerful servers of some of the more expensive web hosts with dirt-cheap pricing? Hard to imagine right? This exact idea came into the minds of some bright people of India and Site Hosting Club was born.

Why choose Site Hosting Club over some other hosts?

In short – they are the best in the market at this price point. As I have told above, Site Hosting Club provides high-quality 24×7 support with server resources that are only available only with some of the more expensive hosts.

Here’s the list of features that is provided by Site Hosting Club:

  • 24×7 live chat support
  • Ample server resources for even the most traffic intensive site
  • Free SSL
  • Access to global CDN for FREE
  • DirectAdmin Control Panel
  • 30 days money back guarantee
  • WordPress Optimized plans
  • Dirt-cheap highly competitive plans

Let’s dive deeper into the review

If you are wondering why you should choose it over some other hosts then here are some of the reasons.

1. Get amazing website speed with any plan

As I have said earlier, Site Hosting Club DOES NOT overload their servers. It means that no matter how much traffic your site gets’ rest assured you won’t face any slowdown or downtime as every site gets ample resource. The best part? all plans have the same resource allocation. So no matter which plan you pick, you will always have the most resources allocated to you than you will ever need.

They provide worldwide FREE CDN. What does that mean? Well no matter wherever your visitors are in the world, they will always get fast access to your site. Also, CDN bandwidth is unlimited in every plan. Using their CDN, your site can use much more bandwidth than which is allocated to you in your plan.

Their plans are WordPress optimized meaning WordPress will run much faster than their competitors (their competitors do have WordPress optimized plans but they are 10 times more expensive than their plans).

2. Regular Backups

Another thing almost all budget host lacks is regular backups. In most of the cases, they upsell expensive backup plans which sometimes is more expensive than the hosting plan itself! You will be glad to know that Site Hosting Club makes regular backups and all of it is included in the plan price! Not only that, you can create manual backups too!

Site Hosting Club FREE Backups

This feature is useful especially when you create a backup before making any major changes to your WordPress sites.

3. 24×7 Support

Site Club Hosting’s tech team is full of server experts who can solve any issue in mere minutes. If you encounter any issue, their team will fix it no matter what time of the day it is.

They provide assistance via live chat and tickets. You can pick any of them to get your problems rectified.

4. 30 day money back guarantee

Site Hosting Club gives you 30 days money-back guarantee. If you are not at all satisfied with their pricing, features or hosting, you can simply request for a refund and you will get the full refund with NO questions asked.

But make sure to request a refund within the first 30 days once you bought their hosting.

How to Launch A WordPress Website On Site Hosting Club?

If you’re looking for a simple tutorial on starting a WordPress website using Site Hosging Club, here’s the step by step guide for you which can be helpful for you to start your website within a few minutes.

Step 1: Here’s the link to get started. Once you click on the link, you’ll be taken to their page which looks like this;

WordPress Hosting

As you can see above, click on the “Get Started” button to continue.

Step 2: Once you click on the above link and click on “get started” button, you’ll be provided with their 3 pricing options.

Hosting Plans

As you can see above, there are 3 pricing plans offered by them. Pick any of their plan to continue.

Step 3: In this step, you’ll be taken to their sign up page where you’ll find your hosting plan details along with the billing info. Fill all those details and complete the payment.

Step 4: Once the payment is successfully made, you’ll receive a welcome email from Site Hosting Club with all your login details. Once you login to your account, you can access their dashboard which looks like this;


As you can see above, Site Hosting Club offers a clean interface where you can find almost everything at one place (it doesn’t offer the traditional cPanel that most web hosts like Bluehost use). You can find everything including:

  • phpMyAdmin
  • Website stats (visitors, bandwidth, storage)
  • SSL
  • Webmail
  • Backup points
  • And so on

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Who Else Is Recommending Site Hosting Club?

Just go to the following sites:

  • Host Advice
  • Site Jabber
  • Hosting Charges
  • The Web Hosting Dir
  • WHTop
  • Hosts Charges

You will see that over 95% are recommending them (they are top rated in almost every review site!). Reviews speak for themselves!

What About The Pricing? How Much Does Site Hosting Club Cost?

These are the following plans offered by them:

  • Lite Web Hosting
  • Pro Web Hosting
  • Business Hosting

1. Lite Web Hosting: This is the basic and cheapest hosting plan from Site Hosting Club which costs you ₹33 per month (if purchase annually) and you can install only 1 website but you’ll be getting the superior performance.

Here’s what all you get with the Lite Web Hosting plan:

  • 100 GB Bandwidth
  • 2 GB Disk Space
  • 1 Website

As you can see from the above features, you can install only 1 site with this plan which gives you 100GB bandwidth per month.

2. Pro Web Hosting: This is the mid-tier hosting plan from Site Hosting Club which costs you ₹79 per month (if purchased annually) and you can install an unlimited number of websites and you’ll be getting the superior performance. This plan has WordPress optimization.

Here’s what all you get with the Pro Web Hosting plan:

  • 500 GB Bandwidth
  • 20 GB Disk Space
  • Unlimited Websites

3. Business Web Hosting: This is the high end hosting plan from Site Hosting Club which costs you ₹199 per month (if purchased annually) and you can install an unlimited number of websites and you’ll be getting the best performance. Highly recommended for eCommerce sites.

Here’s what all you get with the Business Web Hosting plan:

  • Unlimited Bandwidth
  • Unlimited Disk Space
  • Unlimited Websites

Other than these plans, you can also get VPS, Dedicated and Reseller hosting.

How Fast is Site Hosting Club?

Your website speed matters a lot. It also affects Google search ranking. So having a fast website is really important. Hosting is the main deciding factor of your website speed.

So how fast is Site Hosting Club?

Speed Test

Well, according to Web Page Test, I got TTFB of Site Hosting Club as 0.033s which is even faster than more expensive web hosts.

The reason due to which they can provide so fast website speed is due to the following reasons:

  • It uses global CDN to provide faster loading experience to all your website users no matter where they are visiting from
  • They don’t overcrowd servers. This results in all the sites hosted on a particular server getting ample resources.

Do I Recommend Site Hosting Club?

Absolutely yes.

If you are looking for a web host which is really cheap and fast web host, then look no further. Site Hosting Club is for you.

Final Thoughts

When it comes to choosing the best web hosting for WordPress, Site Hosting Club beats the competition in almost every aspect from site security to speed. If you are looking for a hosting service that is trusted by thousands of bloggers and if you want fast loading websites, Site Hosting Club is for you.

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