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Absolute Path

A web address that points to the same location or file system regardless of the working directory in which it is written. The absolute path of this page, for example, is because it will point to the same page (this one) regardless of the location of the file or folder in which it is written.


A PHP function that is executed at specific points throughout the system.

Admin Area

The area of the website that can only be accessed by logging into WordPress, from which content is created, modified or removed and settings changed.


The highest-level user role within WordPress. Administrators have unrestricted access to the WordPress Admin Area.


Apache is a web server application that serves over 55% of all active websites – making it the most commonly used web server application of its kind on the internet. Apache is also widely regarded as about the best server application for publishing WordPress-powered websites.


An attachment is the term used to refer to any media (images, video, etc) used within a post or page.


A specific type of format, similar to RSS, used for syndicating content on blogs and news-like sites, viewable by Atom-aware programs called news readers or aggregators.


The small icon, photograph or graphical representation of a user that often appears next to that user’s name or comments.

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